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Fraternal order of alaska state troopers

Since 1968

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Alaskan Bush Poet

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From the back: I’ve had a myriad of jobs in the more than 53 years I've made Alaska, the great land, my home. Varieties of employment, along with my other life experiences, have given me an interesting and exciting existence. My experiences have been educational, some frightening, awesome life threatening, some humorous, some heartbreaking, but all played a part in preparing me for the writing of ramblings of an Alaskan bush poet. I’m hopeful my backstories will put the reader in somewhat the same mind set or emotion, I was experiencing at the time. When readers discuss my work I hope to be viewed as a common man who tells his stories through thyme and, at the same time, someone who paints vivid pictures of what my limericks convey.

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