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Fraternal order of alaska state troopers

Since 1968

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The Fraternal Order of alaska state troopers 

For FOAST members wishing to be a board member, please E-mail

Executive Board officers

Steve Heckman, President

Bruce Lester, Vice President

Derek Degraaf, Secretary

Patricia Liss, Treasurer

Regional Vice Presidents

KP- Mark Pearson

SE- Charles Smith

I- Steve Heckman

W- Jason "Gunner" Young

AL- Pat Kasnick


Brent Johnson

Nathan Bucknall

Christina Stowell

Charles Grutzmacher

Joel Hard

Tom Anderson

Vacant- pending election

Vacant- pending election

Vacant- pending election

FOAST support staff

Ron Vigil, Executive Director

Meghan Belin, Museum staff

The Fraternal Order of Alaska State Troopers

"Lifetime Achievement" Award

In 2011 The Fraternal Order of Alaska State Troopers initiated the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (LTA) program.

The LTA award requires extensive contributions to FOAST, Law enforcement, and their Community  over the span of many years.  

Below are listed the FOAST members who have gone above and beyond and were awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, Information is from the plaques on the display in the FOAST headquarters inside the Alaska Law Enforcement Museum in Anchorage Alaska.

If you would like to submit a nomination for a future award recipient, please email

Colonel Pat Wellington

50 years of dedicated service to

Law enforcement in Alaska from


Presentation year 2011

Captain "Turk" Mayfield

For 40 years a Legendary professional.

Known as "Mr. Law Enforcement" in Alaska

during the 50's and 60s

Awarded Posthumously 2014 

Major Bruce Doug Norris

37 years of service to Law enforcement

in Alaska from


Presentation year 2019

Colonel Tom Anderson

Over 50 years of dedicated service to 

Law enforcement in Alaska from


Presentation year 2012

Major Mike Korhonen

For over 50 years of dedicated service to

Alaska Law Enforcement from


Presentation awarded for 2015

Captain Joe Detemple

For continued involvement in

Alaskan Law Enforcement and support of FOAST


award year 2021

Presentation year 2022

Sergeant Barry Ingalls

Over 45 years of dedicated service to 

Law Enforcement in Alaska from


Presentation year 2013

APD Captain Ron Rice

In recognition of 55 years of

Exemplary, dedicated, and selfless service from 


Presentation awarded 2016

Colonel John Murphy

For continued involvement and support in

Alaska wide law enforcement, FOAST, and community outreach 


Presentation year 2022

Thank you for your support


Contact Us:
Office: (907) 279-5050

245 West Fifth Ave, Suite 112 Anchorage, AK 99501

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